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6 10/100Mbps auto-adaptive RJ45 ports 1~4 ports support IEEE 802.3af/at standard

6 10/100Mbps auto-adaptive RJ45 ports 1~4 ports support IEEE 802.3af/at standard

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1. 1 ~ 4 ports support standard.3af/at power supply

2. Six 10/100 Mbps adaptive RJ45 ports

With dial switch, 100 meters and 250 meters are adjustable. One to four ports can support 10mvlan and 250m

3. Comply with IEEE 802.3 10 and IEEE 802.3u 100x standards

4. Flow control mode: IEEE 802.3x standard is adopted for full duplex and back pressure standard is adopted for half duplex

5. Support port auto flip (auto mdi/mdix)

6. Poe power of the whole machine: 65W (all Poe ports, ports 1 ~ 4)

7. 30W per port

8. Store and forward switching mechanism

9. All ports support line speed switching, and the line speed can be reached in the range of 64 ~ 1536 frames

10. No fan, natural heat dissipation

11. The small, compact and silent design is suitable for placing on the desktop or wall


PSE6504E unmanaged Poe switch provides power and data transmission from a network node using category 5 Ethernet cables. 4+2 port Fast Ethernet port can be used for 10/100mps connection, of which 4 ports can provide industrial standard.3af/at power supply. It only supplies power to.3af/at terminal devices, so there is no need to worry about damaging standard Poe or non Poe devices. In addition, when the POE device is not connected, it will stop power supply. Simple and reliable design, which automatically identifies Poe requirements, speed, duplex and usage ™ Type of network cable.

The economical price provides some commercial networks and home networks that need to simplify the installation of wireless access points (AP) and IP based webcams. These devices far away from the power outlet are very suitable for hanging on the wall or ceiling. Poe eliminates the trouble of deliberately connecting power outlets for these devices. It makes the connection of devices that are difficult to connect to AC power more flexible and the installation cost more. The compact and flexible design is an ideal choice for small commercial networks and home networks that want to deploy wireless access points (AP) and IP based surveillance cameras economically using Poe.